Our values.

We are proud to present our company values, right here on our web site.

These are the things that we stand for. These values must be evident at all times and in everything we do. We rank health and safety above all others. We list the other nine values in random order because, in our minds, they are equally important.

Health and Safety.

There is no more important responsibility than the health, safety and well-being of our employees, our colleagues, our associates, our customers and anyone else that participates in any activity with Xera. Therefore, we will hold the health and safety of everyone as our primary objective in everything we do.

Respect, honesty and integrity.

We expect our clients and suppliers to treat us with respect, honesty and integrity but we will show them how it’s done. Our behaviours when dealing with our clients and suppliers will set the standard that we expect. Our clients and suppliers will use their dealings with us as the benchmark for this value.

Commitment to Excellence.

We understand that we can’t be the absolute best at everything we do. What we can control, though, is how hard we strive towards always being OUR best. This commitment to doing our best at all times will display itself in the excellence of work we do for our clients.

Value for money.

Our clients are also business people who have worked hard to make their company operate profitably. They deserve to receive excellent value for their money. This doesn’t translate to cheap prices and poor quality. On the contrary, we will perform work that people will see as exceptional value for their investment.

Partnerships with our clients.

Clients are the people who keep our business going but partners are those who continue to do so. We work with our clients to understand their business and to develop solutions and partnerships that help them to achieve their goals. We will, where we can, support our partners by purchasing from them.


Complexity is the speed hump that creates inefficiency, increases the cost of providing services and causes high levels of frustration for everyone. There is nothing to be gained by introducing unnecessary complexity. We will strive to simplify everything we can, to make everyone’s lives easier.

Community Involvement.

We recognise that we are part of a local, national and global community and understand that communities are built on a mix of involvement and support for those who are less fortunate than others. We will do what we can, when we can, to promote a sense of community wherever we operate.


Life is always better when we look at it positively. We will strive to be positive whenever we can, in our dealings with our clients, our community, our associates, our employees and each other. We want people to use our services. We want people to like coming to work. We want to put a smile on people’s faces.


We hope to be around for a long time and during that period do everything we can to minimise the impact that we have on our physical environment. For this reason, we will make sensible procurement decisions and we will develop policies that promote sustainable practices in all that we do.

Our People

We want our people to feel appreciated because they ARE appreciated. We want to give them opportunities to grow and develop their skills and experience. We want them to tell their friends how good it is to work with us. We want them to provide ideas and suggestions. Without our people, we are nothing.