xera Nano.

“Sometimes, you just need to get something done – you don’t have the bandwidth within your own team but it’s not worth engaging a contractor to complete the task for you. Recently, we found that we had created a major accounts payable backlog for one of our suppliers. It needed some clear focus and prompt resolution, but I had no one available to sort it out. Going through a recruitment process for such a short term assignment was pointless.
Fortunately, I’d heard about Xera Nano – experts in providing people for really short term activities.”

This is such an unbelievably common situation – organisations that have a relatively small piece of work that needs some focus but they simply can’t spare anyone from their “business as usual” activities. It doesn’t seem worth engaging a contractor for such a small piece of work but if the issue remains unresolved, there’s a really good chance that it will grow into something far more significant.

That’s why we set up Xera Nano. Our associate network is rich in talent and experience. We are always happy to work with clients on projects from half a day’s duration through to traditional longer-term contracts.


What are your short-term project pain points?

How can Xera help you to eliminate them?

xera Nano Case Study.

Mike’s assignment involved up to 200 individual buying locations within his company’s retail network, located in all parts of regional Australia. They had introduced a new procurement process for many goods and services which involved online ordering, goods receipting and invoice approval.

For many retail site managers, this was the first time that they had purchased items online and their adherence to the new process was relatively poor. This had resulted in over $160K worth of stationery orders being invoiced by the supplier but remaining unpaid.

Our client did not have the resources to process the backlog and couldn’t justify going through the recruitment process to engage a short term contractor to sort out the issue. Meanwhile, the supplier’s credit terms had been exceeded, resulting in manual intervention for every stationery order.

Xera took responsibility for the analysis of each outstanding invoice, identifying the responsible site manager, providing instruction and training via the telephone and remote screen sharing, ensuring resolution of each of the outstanding transactions. Within five business days, the outstanding amount had been reduced to $20K.

We are Xera and look forward to hearing from you soon.