The Biz Whiz.

“My partner and I run a small retail business and absolutely love what we do. But there is so much to do – when we leave the shop, we go home and do more work. When we close the shop for the weekend, we’ve got orders to manage. We eat, breathe and sleep our business.
We often talk about getting help with specific tasks like administration, bookkeeping and rostering but also the big impact activities like strategy, business planning, special projects, marketing campaigns, etc. Who can we get to help us with all that?”

At Xera, we love working with our small to medium sized business clients – so much, in fact, that we have decided to create a dedicated brand for these activities. The Biz Whiz specialises in ideas that will help your small business to fly. Our programs are not prescriptive – they have been designed to be flexible and affordable for any small business.

Programs like our 3GI, Biz Whiz Quiz, The Secret Site Visitor, Kixstart, Your Trusted Advisor and many others – all designed for our small to medium sized business clients.

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The Biz Whiz – ideas that help your small business to fly.