About xera.

Hi, I’m Neil Butler and I’m the Managing Director of Xera.

I established Xera in 2011 because there seemed to be a recurring theme to so many of the conversations I was having with business associates – they had pain points within their business that just needed to be eliminated.

There are many consulting and business services companies in Australia but, from what we have seen, very few that have a distinctive offer. When you look at the marketing brochures and web sites relating to many of those organisations, they talk about their consultants having plenty of “Big 4” experience, many who have extraordinary academic qualifications but, often, very little evidence of real world experience.

Well, that’s certainly NOT what you’ll find with Xera.

Our consultants have worked in a wide range of industry sectors – fuels and lubricants, automotive, financial services, tertiary education, health, retail, supply chain and distribution – the list goes on and on. We have worked in capital cities in Australia, we have worked extensively in regional Australia and we have experience in working in Asia and Europe. Our experience is broad and it is varied. Our approach is not constrained by theories, proprietary methodologies or text books.

We exist to provide a real alternative to the plethora of consulting firms who can only provide you with “more of the same”.

We are keen to hear from you. Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation conversation. We will take the time to listen to your pain points and work with you to eliminate them.

Some specific ways in which xera is different.

At Xera, we go out of our way to be different:

  • We are driven by a desire to eliminate the pain points that are affecting you and your business.
  • We work WITH businesses rather than FOR businesses.
  • We are driven towards innovative solutions that don’t complicate your world.
  • We share and celebrate successful outcomes with our clients.
  • We work towards achieving YOUR business requirements, not what suits us best.
  • We expect to make such a good impression that we will be asked back to work with you on your next project.
  • We are driven by a set of values that underpin everything that we do. We are very happy to share them with you right here on our web site.
  • If we can’t provide you with the right resources to meet your requirements, we will help you find them. We’d rather work with you to find the right solution than force-fit one of ours.