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We are really pleased that you have dropped in to see us here at xera.com.au. We are a small consulting business that specialises in a range of activities that all have one thing in common – we work with our clients to eliminate their pain points.

One of the really interesting observations we have made about so many of our business associates is that they know that they have a range of pain points. These are pain points that are affecting the organisation’s efficiency and/or effectiveness, creating issues for their customers and/or affecting the way that their staff go about their job. Yet, because they feel that they don’t have the resources, experience or time, they don’t do anything to resolve them.

And so, today is just like yesterday and tomorrow will most likely be the same again.

At Xera, we are not into creating nebulous five year plans that are never delivered or even reviewed. We are about working with our clients to deliver change and to eliminate those pain points – during the next five days, five weeks or five months.
Some of our key areas of expertise are presented below.

Change Management.

“I think that the true measure of project success is how well the changes from the ‘old way’ to the ‘new way’ are handled. Too often, the role of a change manager is misunderstood or, worse still, overlooked completely”

Don’t worry, we understand the need for strong, flexible and pragmatic change management and so we should – we’ve been managing change in businesses of all shapes and sizes for well over 20 years.

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Project Delivery.

“We have so much to do in our regular ‘business-as-usual’ activities during the next twelve months. We are never going to be able roll out all of the changes we need to make to our business, without plenty of help”

It doesn’t matter whether you are changing the world or doing something a little less ambitious within your organisation, Xera can help you to deliver your project, with engagements from one day to two years and everything in between.

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“We are sick of dealing with the ‘cookie-cutter recruiters’ who seem to be more interested in boosting their monthly sales figures than finding my new colleague. We want to work with a recruiter who wants to work with us.”

Xera’s recruitment model is refreshingly different – we don’t deal in huge databases of stale resumes, we negotiate a fixed flat fee for our service up front and … we listen to you. In our minds, this really is all about you and your organisation.

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Training and Education.

“One of the key success factors for our next project is high-quality, targeted training for our customers and colleagues. We’ve seen what happens when training is neglected. We need some expertise from experienced training and education professionals”

Xera’s consultants have been designing and delivering training and education programs since 1989, across a wide variety of industry sectors, government departments and educational institutions. We think we know what we are doing!.

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“We know that the old adage – it’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it – is true in everything we do in business. We simply can’t afford to get the message wrong.”

In a world filled with information overload, how do you get your message across? Are you being heard above all of the other noise? How does your written work stand out from the crowd? Who is the voice of your organisation? If these questions need answers, maybe it’s time to talk to Xera about your communications requirements.

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We are proud to be located in the beautiful city of Geelong (about 70km south-west of Melbourne, Victoria), servicing the south-west of Victoria, metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria – in fact, anywhere in Australia where we can add value to our clients.

You can contact us on (03) 5280 8044, via email at helloxera.com.au or click on the button below to visit
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